From eyesore to ideal – home’s TV journey

Richard Hall - Jannuary 2012:  The couple pictured outside their lovely home in Scholes
Richard Hall - Jannuary 2012: The couple pictured outside their lovely home in Scholes

So, who would live in a house like this?

Tune in to Britain’s Empty Homes on BBC One later this month and you will find out.

Without wanting to ruin the surprise, the home in Salisbury Road, Scholes, has gone from eyesore to see its value soar, after the tireless work of owner Richard Hall and his wife Carole.

The show, now in its third series, highlights the one million empty homes that are lying vacant in councils around the UK. Each week, host Joe Crowley guides would-be homeowners around empty houses to show the potential for development.

Richard and Carole bought their house in February 2010, when it was in a state of disrepair.

After seeing the show, Richard contacted the producers and told them of his plans to renovate the property.

“Every room in this house was dark brown coloured and you could see the outline of where pictures hung on the walls,” Richard said.

“It was an absolute mess. Everything has been replaced except the four exterior walls of the house.”

Richard, who has never worked in the construction trade, worked with one builder to complete the ambitious work on the property. It included knocking down two garages and rebuilding them completely.

Clearly, it was a labour of love for the couple and they are both pleased with how things have turned out.

“The producers of the programme got in touch during the middle of last year after they changed the format of the programme,” Richard said.

“They rang again in November to ask if they could film us.

“I think it’s an interesting programme and a bit different. It’s not something you often get the chance to do.

“When we sell the house, at least we’ll be able to say ‘as seen on television’.”

The couple will appear on Britain’s Empty Homes at 11.30am on January 23.