Gang ‘could have garrotted biker’ – police

YOBS who tied cable wire between two lamp posts across a busy road could have caused a fatal accident, according to police.

The gang tied the wire across Nibshaw Lane in Gomersal last Wednesday and Thursday.

And PCSO Shirley Aubrey said if a motorcyclist had hit it, they could have been decapitated.

She said: “People have been telling us about a group of youths congregating on banking next to Nibshaw Lane.

“If anyone on a motorbike had gone into the wire they would have been decapitated.

“A member of the public took it down.”

She said the gang probably did not realise how serious the consequences of tying the cable to the lamp posts could be.

She said the same gang had been responsible for anti-social behaviour in the area for several weeks.

She said: “The gang has been making mud bombs with stones and glass and throwing them at cars as they go past.

“There are also problems with motorbikes on the Shirley estate.

“There are youths going round on motorbikes causing anti-social behaviour and there is also a mini motorbike and a quad.

“We have already seized one bike, which had been stolen. However, we still need to get other bikes.

“The youths are racing around and causing a nuisance.

“The bike that was stolen was a moped. It had been partially stripped, and there were three youths riding on it.

“We don’t know who all the people who are doing this are.

“We would like any members of the public who know them or have any descriptions to come forward.

“We need to put a stop to it as soon as possible.”

She said the police had arranged for Kirklees Council’s mobile CCTV camera to go up to the estate to try to catch the youths.

If anyone has any information about the youths, or witnesses the anti-social behaviour, contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.