Gomersal house struck in lightning horror

Oxford Road, Gomersal
Oxford Road, Gomersal

two housemates have spoken of their shock after their home was struck by lightning.

The bolt hit their house in Fern View, Gomersal, at 8.25am on Friday, damaging roof tiles and leaving cracks in the ceiling and walls, causing damage in excess of £5,000.

Tennants Jessica Patchet (left) and Sarah O'Connor survey the damage outside their home.

Tennants Jessica Patchet (left) and Sarah O'Connor survey the damage outside their home.

The house is occupied by six people, and two of the tenants were inside when the lightning struck the roof.

Sarah O’Connor said: “I was in the hall at the time, then there was just a massive bang and a flash of light, followed by a deafening noise.”

The lightning left the house without heating or electricity, damaged two gables and scorched inside walls.

Ceilings and walls were also cracked, and light fittings were left hanging out of position.

Another of the tenants, Jessica Patchett, said: “I was in the living room, about to turn the light off, and there was a huge white flash – I got a bit of a shock and screamed.

“The first thing I thought was the house was on fire – it sounded as if we had been bombed.

“I have only just moved here a month ago, so it is quite an introduction to the area!”

The tenants have been rehoused while repairs are carried out, which could take up to two months.

Landlord Chris Ransome said the damage sustained to the house was “unbelievable”, and substantial repairs needed to be done.

He said: “There was a lot more damage than we had originally thought, it was quite unbelievable.

“The structure of the roof needs to be strengthened before we can do anything else.

“When I heard what had happened my first thoughts were for the wellbeing of the tenants, and thankfully nobody was injured.”

Spen was also affected by floods on Friday.

Part of Oxford Road in Gomersal, near Red House Museum, was under several inches of water and the football field and skate park at the back of Spen Pool also flooded.

Parts of Norristhorpe spent more than an hour without power.

Bus services were also affected, as a flood at Cooper Bridge, Mirfield, caused the 253 service which runs through Cleckheaton to be delayed.