Goose may need prosthetic beak after cruel attack

A goose that suffered horrific injuries after teenagers apparently ripped off its beak could be fitted with a prosthetic replacement.

Tuesday, 22nd April 2014, 5:00 pm
Wilton the goose.

The bird - named Wilton by residents - was found with the bottom part of its beak missing in Wilton Park two weeks ago.

Well-wishers flocked to the aid of the Canadian goose, feeding it bread until it could be rescued.

Wilton was taken to the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, near York, by volunteers where he is now recovering.

The bird will be monitored to see if he can survive with his injury. If not, he may need a prosthetic beak so he can eat.

Founder of the charity Dan Sidley said: “When we first learnt of Wilton’s substantial injuries, I knew we had to act quickly as the bird was in serious danger of starvation.

“Much of his bottom beak is completely missing, which has left the bird in some difficulty when trying to eat.

“It is certainly one of the worst injuries we have ever seen in all our years of rescuing injured wildlife.”

Supporters have set up a donation page on Facebook and raised more than £600.

One of them, Wendy Crowther, said: “The response from everyone has been fantastic. What could have been a tragedy has turned into something heart warming. We have done it because we love him.”

Dewsbury-based artist David Martin has also pledged his support to the cause.

He is working on a watercolour of Wilton Park lake with Wilton the goose in the foreground. Mr Martin plans to sell limited edition prints for £15 each.