Greenway pledge

New Greenway warden Rob Winslade
New Greenway warden Rob Winslade

A new warden on the Spen Valley Greenway has plans for the new year to make the facility even better for everyone who uses it.

Rob Winslade has been working on the Greenway since August and has plans to improve the route and encourage more people to use it.

He said: “I have used the Greenway since its inception so I wanted to put something back.

“I’ve taught both my children to ride their bikes down there so I feel quite attached to it.

“My long-term plans are to bring a bit of colour to it and also to the Spen Valley Ringway.

“I would like to talk to local schools’ gardening clubs and look into creating little gardens along the greenway, to introduce some colour.”

He said said the plan was to link the Ringway and the Greenway together in the future, meeting up at Walkley Lane. And he said he had already introduced rubbish bags and bags for dog mess which had been well used.

He added: “I would like to thank everybody for adopting the bags we have used, in particular one woman in Dewsbury Moor called Ann, who always clears dog mess up. It is very much appreciated.”