Group wants to beat stigma

Case study 1: Pam*

Monday, 30th April 2012, 7:30 am

Pam was referred to Batley Self-Help Depression Group in 2010 after the deaths of her mother and brother.

Pam, a carer for her husband who has multiple sclerosis, lost her mother in 2008. Some time later her brother, unable to cope after his mother’s death, committed suicide.

Pam was still working full-time, and said things started to get on top of her until she eventually ‘caved in’.

She said she wanted to give up and just stay in bed all day. Her first time at the self-help depression group was very emotional.

She found her first session in the bereavement group difficult, but soon found just opening up about her troubles helped her immensely.

Pam started to look forward to attending each week, and over time started to feel like she found herself again – and the ability to cope with her losses.

She says she needed something for herself, and is so thankful for the help she has received.

“The support I received was amazing,” she said.

“I was given great time and care, and never felt rushed. Above all I was made to feel normal.”

Pam, now retired, admits she still has bad days, but can now cope with them.

*Name has been changed.