Hammy’s sinking feeling


AN animal-lover had the surprise of her life when she discovered a hamster living underneath her sink.

Dorothy Sutton thought she had a rat after finding her cat food pouch had been nibbled and a sponge had gone.

But the next time she opened the cupboard there was a hamster sitting there.

Dorothy, of Barrington Parade, Gomersal, said: “He had a lucky escape as I was just about to ring pest control. I knew he was a hamster as my daughter had one.I put down a fish bowl and some hamster food and a few days later there he was.”

Dorothy thinks the hamster, nicknamed Houdini, must have escaped from somewhere and has now put a sign in the nearby shop.

But she said: “People look me as though I’m from another planet! He is lucky I found him as my cat could have caught him!”

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