Happy ewe year to new arrivals

New lambs at  Breck's farm. (d621b452)
New lambs at Breck's farm. (d621b452)

A pop legend turned up in Gomersal this week – in the form of two baby lambs!

The two little blighters were born on Monday at Brek’s Farm off Moor Lane, and were given special names by the farmer’s grandsons, Oliver and Harry.

Farmer Hillary Peel explained: “My two grandsons came to see the lambs – they were very excited.

“They decided to name them Bob and Dylan - I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if they had heard of the singer.”

Bob and Dylan are the first lambs to be born in this year’s batch.

Hillary, who has worked on the farm for 35 years, said they would normally expect them later in the winter.

“We used to lamb around November time,” she said. “But we changed it to February – these clearly had other ideas.

“There are about 60 sheep on the farm– we’ve had them scanned, and one of them is due to give birth to four lambs, which is quite unusual.

“A lot of the others have twins or triplets on the way, so we are expecting quite a few new additions this year.”