Slimming is my world!

Kathryne and Joe Cooke at PJ's health and fitness. (231022)
Kathryne and Joe Cooke at PJ's health and fitness. (231022)

A HEALTH guru who used Slimming World to lose weight after giving birth nearly 30 years ago has returned to the fold.

PJs Health and Fitness owner Kathryn Cooke has returned to the healthy lifestyle franchise nearly 30 years after it ‘changed her life’.

Kathryn, who is married to former professional footballer Joe Cooke, had problems with her weight during her childhood, teens and into adulthood. She always seemed to lose the weight, but struggled to keep it off.

After the birth of her second daughter 28 years ago, Kathryn decided that enough was enough.

She discovered Slimming World, where she trained as a consultant and led a slimming group during the early 1980s.

“Losing the weight with Slimming World was a turning point for me,” she said.

“I was 28 at the time and I had always had weight problems from being a little girl. I hated PE in school. But apart from losing the weight, it helped me keep it under control for the second part of my life.”

In 1982, she left the company to become a nutrition adviser for a new health club in Cleckheaton – Physical Jerks.

Within a few years, Kath and Joe took over the business and the pair have won plaudits for their work promoting healthy lifestyle choices to their members.

But she has now taken up the role of consultant once more, armed with decades of experience within the health and fitness industry.

Using her own personal experience, Kathryn developed her own healthy eating plans at PJs and then found that Slimming World had embraced a similar approach to weight loss, incorporating both healthy eating and exercise.

“Recently, the company changed its approach, and instead of being about just healthy eating, now they encourage people to be active and exercise,” Kathryn said.

“Regular exercise is the only way to keep the weight off.

“So, I feel that now I am able to help people coming to Slimming World, by advising them on how to take little steps to become more active and introduce a little bit more activity to their lives.”

l Kathryn’s group meets at Millbridge Working Men’s Club, Liversedge, on Thursdays from 7pm.