Hero, three, looks after pregnant mum

Chantelle Boddy with her son Oliver Peacock.  (d23011203)
Chantelle Boddy with her son Oliver Peacock. (d23011203)

A BRAVE little boy watched over his pregnant mum as she lay unconscious after falling down the stairs during an epileptic fit.

Oliver Peacock, three, kept watch over his mum, Chantelle, who lay all night at the bottom of the stairs in her Liversedge home after suffering a fit brought on by her pregnancy.

Chantelle, whose baby girl is due on May 5, said Oliver even turned her onto her side as she had been sick after the fit.

And she said when Oliver’s grandma Samantha Peacock telephoned in the morning, he answered Chantelle’s mobile, telling his gran she had fallen down the stairs and was lying on the floor.

She said: “I was at home on Tuesday night and the next thing I remember is waking up on Wednesday.

“Samantha collects Oliver every day to take him to school. She rang to say she was on her way and Oliver answered the phone and said, ‘mummy’s fallen’. He couldn’t open the door because I had locked it and put the key onto the side.

“Samantha came over with Oliver’s auntie, Ella Armitage, who is only nine. His grandma told him to get the key and pass it to them. Ella managed to get her hand through the letterbox to reach it, so they opened the door and came in.”

Chantelle, 23, said Samantha made sure she was okay and took Oliver to school. However that morning Chantelle had another fit and was discovered disorientated by her own mum, Dawn, who had called round to see her.

“She’d been ringing me and knew there was something wrong when she got no answer,” said Chantelle.

Then Oliver and Samantha came home from school.

Chantelle said: “Mum rang the ambulance and Oliver was standing over me saying ‘are you all right?’ Mum said Oliver told the paramedic he had been with me all night.”

She spent a night in hospital, where doctors told her it was a ‘miracle’ her baby had survived the fall.

She said: “My stomach was black with bruises. I thought I had lost the baby.

“ It’s awful to think what it would have been like for Oliver to see that and to lose his little sister too, because he is so excited about her arrival.

“I have never wanted Oliver to see me having a fit because people have said it’s scary – my eyes roll to the back of my head.

“I couldn’t believe he had actually stayed with me all night. I am really proud of him.

“He was petrified but he stayed with me and he is fine, but he was a bit annoyed that he didn’t get his Coco Pops!”

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