High-quality youth drama comes to area

Renee and Edith in Allo Allo
Renee and Edith in Allo Allo

A new theatre company has been set up to provide high-quality youth productions in Kirklees.

Acorn Productions is the brainchild of Cevin and Sarah Barker, who run Stagecoach Dewsbury, a theatre art school based in Mirfield.

Cev Barker, director of Stagecoach Dewsbury and who has been working in the industry for 30 years, said: “There’s not a lot in the area for amateur youth productions. We want to give young performers a chance to play adult roles.”

Initially Cev hopes to attract young adults under 19 to perform in shows but eventually he and his wife Sarah hope to start Young Acorns for really young actors and an adult production company. They would also like to have their own rehearsal studios and theatre in the future.

Acorn Productions first show is ’Allo ’Allo on July 24-26 at Batley Town Hall. For tickets, call 01924 324501