Hopper bus is at your service

A BUS service that was under threat has been given a reprieve – and even extended – a meeting heard this week.

The Metro Bus Scrutiny Committee, which met on Wednesday, was told that a tender had been accepted for the hopper bus which serves Scholes, and from January 29 it will also go as far as Hunsworth.

Cleckheaton councillor Andrew Pinnock said the news would be a relief to many passengers who feared the service would be lost.

“There was concern about the loss of the hopper bus from Foldings and Scholes, but not only is it being kept, it is being extended to provide a service to Hunsworth.

“It will go up to East Bierley, and back down through Birkenshaw and then to Hunsworth so it will provide a service in the daytime along that road which currently doesn’t have a service at all.

“I accept it is only in one direction and it is only during the day but I do regard this as a good move, and certainly the residents of Hunsworth will appreciate it.

“It’s really fantastic news for Scholes because it is continuing to provide a much needed service, particularly for the Foldings estate and for the village as a while.

“The original proposal was to replace it with one which went through Hunsworth and East Bierley, but now they have been able to do both, which is wonderful news.

“Metro has taken notice of what a large number of people said during the consultation and done something about it. The other good thing is that it will still be operated by TLC Travel whose drivers are excellent and really popular with the passengers.

“The downside is that Metro has not been able to find anyone to take on the evening service between Scholes and Halifax, which was threatened with withdrawal.

“I know that will annoy and upset some people but you are talking about fairly small numbers of users – and even a public authority like Metro can’t put money into services which are used by only a handful of people.”