Hot to trotter... pet pig Meggie’s bacon a run for it!

SWINE FLEW Christine and Phil with Meggie, right, and Nimmi.
SWINE FLEW Christine and Phil with Meggie, right, and Nimmi.

A spirited sow went ‘on the ham’ and made a bid for freedom after spotting a gap in her pen.

Meggie the 10 month old Kunekune pig sneaked out of the pen she shares with her sister Nimmi and went for a walk in Hunsworth Lane.

It took her owners Christine Roberts and Phil Dunn, a passing motorist, a neighbour and a team of firefighters two and a half hours to coax the plucky pig into a trailer.

Now Meggie is safe at home with Nimmi, Wendy the goat and six chickens - and none the worse for her adventure.

Christine said: “We had been working on the fencing – it must not have been 100 per cent pig proof. We got back from Leeds and there were four chickens in the front garden so we knew something was up. We could see where she’d gone; she went down a snicket and up a cul-de-sac.”

Neighbour Scott McGhee and a passing female driver had managed to manoeuvre her into a garden but stubborn Meggie refused to get into the trailer until she’d eaten a packet of Rich Tea biscuits, a bag of carrots, a bag of apples and Christine and Phil’s tea.

Christine said: “She wasn’t having it – she was a bit scared. The firefighters said they had never been out to a pig before.

“The woman driving past stopped for two hours and Meggie tried to get into her car. The traffic was upsetting her. Kunekunes are people pigs; they talk to you in their own way. If you sing to them they lay down in a trance.

“Once we got her back she told her sister all about it. Pigs aren’t supposed to go walkabout – she was off looking for Santa’s elves!”