Husband jailed for attack

A SCHOLES man has been jailed after slashing his wife’s neck with a plate during a heated argument.

Neil Hanson, 50, of Providence Street, Scholes, admitted unlawfully wounding his wife, Georgina, on November 22 last year at their home.

Leeds Crown Court heard how the couple had spent the day drinking with friend Dean Rothwell when an argument broke out as Hanson was eating a burger.

Mr Rothwell said he left the room to speak to his girlfriend on the phone and when he returned the pair were arguing, as Mrs Hanson wanted Mr Rothwell to leave so the couple could spend some time together.

Mr Hanson refused refused the request, prompting the argument.

Prosecutor Tony Kelbrick told the court: “The defendand made some comment and pushed the plate into the left side of her face and the plate broke.

“He then swung the plate again and hit her in the throat.”

He said that blood was “pouring out” of a five centimetre gash on her neck, which required treatment in hospital.

Hanson tried to pursuade Mr Rothwell to tell the police that Mrs Hanson had injured herself in a fall.

However Mr Rothwell refused to do so.

Hanson told police that his wife had accidentally hurt herself when she fell on a shard from the plate.

In mitigation Freddy Apfel said Hanson had been drinking vodka during the day and had not meant to injure his wife.

He said Hanson had told the police “a pack of lies” but later admitted what he had done.

Mr Apfel said Hanson had struck his wife as if to push the burger into her face.

He said: “He had not thought about it being a weapon. It was just an inspontaneous reaction.”

Judge Kerry McGill jailed Hanson for 16 months and said: “Domestic violence is a pernicious form of violence.”