‘I’m appalled. What is the issue?’

Bar's Barred Ginger Whale owner Mike Battle. (d230b347)
Bar's Barred Ginger Whale owner Mike Battle. (d230b347)

A deli owner with a portable bar has slammed Kirklees Council for stopping him supplying facilities at a charity event.

Mike Battle, who owns the Ginger Whale deli in Oxford Road, Gomersal, says he has been told he cannot provide portable bar facilities at Sunday’s event at Gomersal Public Hall – despite his deli being just over the road.

He says Kirklees Council will only allow the Scotland pub in Birstall to provide a portable bar in any of its public halls.

He said: “Our shop is opposite the hall, and we wanted to do whatever we could to help raise money for the event while promoting our business locally.

“We did an event at the hall in July and raised money for charity, and about 700 people came.

“It is a public hall for the local community. There are only three shops here and we own two of them. The community is fantastic but it’s very difficult to run both shops. I’m appalled. I don’t understand Kirklees’s issue.”

A Kirklees spokeswoman said the council worked with the Scotland through Oakwell Hall, adding: “The council has a responsibility to ensure the sale of alcohol is carried out in line with licensing regulations, so works with a known service provider who is clear on their responsibilities.”

The event, for breast cancer research, takes place on Sunday with wine tasting at the deli.