Infamous Derren’s show is just magic!

When a performer tells you not to breathe a word about what happens in their show, writing a review could present a bit of a problem.

Luckily for me, Derren Brown is a household name and most people will be familiar with his unique brand of mental trickery, amazing memory skills and unfathomable mind-reading abilities.

This show was packed full of that and more, accompanied by Derren’s quick wit and self-deprecating anecdotes about his childhood.

As with other shows, Infamous had plenty of audience participation.

Thankfully I didn’t get picked, but my former colleague Claire Armstrong did – and ended up on stage looking very confused indeed while the audience gasped at Derren’s incomprehensible prediction skills.

Derren tells us everyone is stuck in their own head, viewing life from their own unique perspective, but we are all in fact incredibly similar in our thoughts and actions.

And he uses this knowledge to entice people to do what he wants, while creating the illusion they chose to do it themselves.

Just how a girl can draw a picture under Derren’s instruction, and her cousin can guess exactly what it is half an hour later with no communication between the two is utterly mind blowing.

Derren might pretend he isn’t sure a trick will work but it’s obvious the show is meticulously planned and he knows exactly what will happen.

I left wondering if he’d somehow meddled with my brain without me realising –and dying for the next show!

Lauren Ballinger