Jimmy’s a YouTube legend!

jimmy hard nails
jimmy hard nails
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A university graduate from Liversedge has become an internet sensation thanks to a spoof character he created.

Zeshan Anwar, 23, created Jimmy Hard Nails – and has reached more than one million hits on video website YouTube with his videos of Jimmy, a foul mouthed, badly behaved lad who is constantly reminding viewers how ‘hard’ he is.

Former Spen Valley Sports College pupil Zeshan is a film and TV graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University.

He said: “The character of Jimmy Hard Nails came about instantly from when I was doing a prank call one day with a group of friends – I called a nightclub in a ‘hard man’ voice and said to them that my daughter had been in a scuffle.

“When they asked me for my name, I said ‘Jimmy Hard Nails’. Then when I started a filming project I decided to use Jimmy’s character and build on him. Basically, I just want to entertain people with all the characters and their wacky stories.”

He describes his characters as “in your face, raw, rough and ready”.

He said: “Everything I do comes spontaneously. My aims are to make all the characters known on a global scale and to ultimately share my creativity through other projects.”

Zeshan said: “My family isn’t best pleased about the swearing but they understand that these are just characters with a story. Overall people do get the surreal humour of Jimmy Hard Nails.”

He now has 14 short films on YouTube, each with thousands of hits.

But viewers are warned they are not for the faint hearted – or easily offended!

Jimmy Hard Nails also has a following on Facebook and Twitter.