Joint operation to tackle hate crime

Mark Burns-Williamson visits Mencap
Mark Burns-Williamson visits Mencap

Police chiefs have been visiting community groups to look at ways of reducing hate crimes in Kirklees.

West Yorkshire Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson met with volunteers from Mencap after pledging to tackle the problem.

A hate crime is any criminal offence that is motivated by hostility or prejudice based upon the victim’s disability, race, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

Samantha Jones, of the mental health charity Mencap, said: “We have met with the police as we feel it is important to work closer with them to stop the problem.

“We discussed what training we offer and how we make people aware of it.

“Hate crime is seen as a way of life for some victims who think they have to put up with the abusive, but we want that mind set to stop.”

The charity runs a scheme called Safe Places, which provides a network for people with learning disabilities, who can go to them if they get lost or face other difficulties while travelling independently.