Kill speed before child is hurt - mum

Nichol Jones is campaigning for road safety initiatives in White Lee Road. (d31051201)
Nichol Jones is campaigning for road safety initiatives in White Lee Road. (d31051201)

A MOTHER is campaigning for a safer street after witnessing six accidents in less than a year.

One accident saw a motorbike end up in Nichol Jones’ front garden where, minutes before, her young children had been playing.

And just last weekend a motorbike and car crashed near to her home in White Lee Road and the air ambulance was called.

“It’s getting to be every two weeks that we have a nasty accident up here,” she said.

“It’s going to be a child that’s hurt next.”

Mrs Jones, who lives on the corner of Asquith Fields, has written to Kirklees Council’s highways department asking for help to slow the speed of traffic.

She added: “I think there are around 90 children living along this road, and there is nothing to help them cross and nothing to stop the traffic speeding.

“Cars are speeding all the time, day and night, you find yourself just waiting to hear the smash.”

For three months earlier this year the council placed a speed indicator device towards the end of White Lee Road, near to its junction with Healey Lane.

It recorded more than a quarter of drivers broke the speed limit.

Figures show that 74 per cent of drivers passing the device were either at or below the 30mph limit.

Mrs Jones, a mother of three, said: “People were just using it to see how fast they could go.

“It’s scary, I daren’t even let my 12-year-old go to the shop on his bike.”

Mrs Jones, 32, said she hoped the council would look at measures to calm the speed of traffic along White Lee Road.

“Perhaps they could put some give way bollards in, or something like that, and improve road safety awareness,” she said.

But Kirklees Council said there were no plans to introduce such measures in the area as White Lee Road didn’t meet certain criteria.

A council spokesman said: “Our focus when considering traffic calming is always on casualty reduction and White Lee Road does not currently meet the criteria for traffic calming measures.

“At the same time, this situation is remaining flexible.”