Labour use all-women shortlist to choose next general election candidate

The next Labour candidate for the Dewsbury constituency in the next general election will be chosen from an all-women shortlist.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “Labour is committed to increasing the proportion of women in parliament, and all-women shortlists are an important part of achieving this.

“Our party is proud to champion diversity and equality, not just between sexes but in representation of members of BME communities. Some of the most talented MPs in parliament are Asian women, but this is a very under-represented group at the moment and we are keen to see that change.

“We hope as broad a spectrum of women candidates will put themselves forward for Dewsbury, and for all our all-women-shortlist seats, as possible. They exist to increase diversity in parliament, not to restrict it. We are absolutely confident that the local members in all AWS seats will have a panel of exceptional women from whom to choose their candidates.”

The responsibility for deciding which seats will select their candidates from all-women shortlists lies with the Organisation Sub-Committee of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee, which met today.