LETTERS: Get rid of council offices

It might be contentious and rub some up the wrong way but please Kirklees Council, get rid of the council offices in Mirfield!

They are the most gloomy depressing sight to be seen in the town. 
I am proud to say I am from Mirfield But as I drive into town from Battyeford the first building we see is the rotten boarded up windows of the redundant council office.

Our town council thinks Kirklees Council should give it back. What would they do with it? A community centre! And how would they propose to find the cost to renovate and maintain it? There are lots of community centres in Mirfield. Trinity Methodist , Salvation Army Centre, The Railway, plus numerous coffee shops that seem to thrive in our small town.

If it is a meeting place for council business then I am sure any of the aforementioned would oblige. The Con Club or Knowle Club also. Kirklees might be guilty of letting the building deteriate but it is about protecting prize assets which sadly our council offices are not.

So please get rid and hopefully some enterprising entrepreneur might turn it into something worth looking at!

Chris Rowlands

Stocksbank Road,