LETTERS: Scotland has finally seen the light

UK Independence Party
UK Independence Party

The Scottish people, or many of them, have finally seen the light.

They’ve had enough of the many years of the Labour and Conservative parties domination with their ‘ping pong’ politics. The SNP have shown true and passionate nationalism and given the people of Scotland a voice.

I completely disagree with Dr Mark Hopwood when he says “UKIP can do nothing for this country”. Well sir, if you agree with an estimated 40 per cent of the £12 billion foreign aid budget squandered on corrupt governments or continued hospital car park charges when you’re visiting a loved one or, a European Union that creates 70 per cent of our laws and does more business trade with Switzerland, Norway and China, to name a few, than they do with the UK and were paying £55m a day for the privilege, plus a continued reduction in our armed defences and total lack of support for our military veterans, not forgetting agreeing to pay a number of ‘terrorists’ £20m in compensation without batting an eyelid.

Just try obtaining special drugs for a number of disabled children and it’s goodnight Vienna.

If your quite happy to see a continuation of this insanity then go ahead, continue voting for the usual incumbants in our spineless den of iniquity called Parliament.

We’ve even seen Tony Blair put his two penneth in this week by saying we shouldn’t leave the EU and God forbid giving the British electorate a referendum on the matter.

The EU have already given Turkey around £1.2m just to prepare for joining. That’s another 80 million people that will have immediate access to a British passport. Yes, Dr Hopwood and likeminded individuals, this is the Utopia your continued support for the “mainstream” parties will give you.

I made my mind up some time ago, after witnessing Labour’s open door policy without improving the infrastructure to accommodate four million foreign nationals to our shores then presiding over the economic catastrophe it’s taken more than six years to start to recover from.

Then we have the Tory/LibDem coalition wiping out £50m from the children’s mental health budget, continuing to pay £52million a year in child benefits to EU children living back home in their country of origin, let alone the £5 billion we pay in tax credits.

I’ve seen enough of this ping pong politics too and will make a stand for a) regaining control of our borders b) giving a voice back to the electorate, c) Creating an Australian points based system allowing entry for required skills and denying access to people with a criminal record, d) All foreign visitors to have health insurance and e) Keep the NHS free at the point of delivery. That’s strange Mr Hopwood, these are UKIP policies. The very party you say can’t do anything for the country. Well I think it’s a damn good start.

John Sheen

Moor Park Lane, Dewsbury