LETTERS: Thanks for tidying churchyard

We wish to express our appreciation and thanks to whoever has been involved in organising and managing the recent clearance and tidying of the older part of St Peter’s Church graveyard in Birstall.

As many readers will know many of the graves in that part of the cemetery had, for a number of years, been almost inaccessible, the area having become overgrown with vegetation including many saplings. On our visits to the new part of the cemetery in recent months we have noticed work being carried out and older gravestones becoming more visible and on a visit just before Christmas, were surprised and delighted to see how much work had been done resulting in a complete transformation of the entire graveyard. 
We appreciate just how difficult it must be to upkeep and maintain the graveyard and again express our thanks and appreciation to those whose hard work has brought about this transformation.

Graham and Joyce Bennett

Rectory Drive. Birstall