LETTERS: Think of all community when voting

Paula Sherriff, Labour's 2015 parliamentary candidate for Dewsbury.
Paula Sherriff, Labour's 2015 parliamentary candidate for Dewsbury.

I read the local and national press and sadly they want headlines, which often mean something or someone is sensationalised to make a story, especially at election time.

Call me naïve but I have to start by believing that the people who put themselves up for election want to serve their local community and have something to offer.

I look for evidence of this when I read the leaflets or meet any candidates. To date the most impressive offer comes from the prospective Labour candidate for MP, Paula Sherriff, who has been

working at an increasing pace for the last 15 months, with her supporters, across the whole constituency.

Paula has experience as a councillor in Pontefract, works in healthcare in a service that was NHS but is now provided by the private sector and now has first hand experience of the needs of the all people in the constituency.

I also want someone who will work hard in the Houses of Parliament and be active and visible to all communities in the constituency. Paula Sherriff has shown, by moving into the constituency, her seven day a week commitment to canvassing, meeting local people and responding to invitations to attend event. She is a hardworking woman who can deliver what she promises.

The next thing I think about is what is important to me politically and there are so many things, from health and social care to international issues, and from education and jobs to fairness and equality.

We need to put an end to the rich getting richer while the unemployed and the low-paid take the blame for our economic woes and have their, already low, benefits cut further and a government that will start putting ordinary people first and provide key services like the NHS and ensure that those most vulnerable are supported with dignity including the elderly and people with mental health issues.

This will be a close election and the next few weeks will inevitably see more nasty politics so my call to those of you who take the time to read this letter is to use your own judgment and not listen to the political gossip and scaremongerers.

Please think of your family and friends, people in your community - young and old - and how we can have a fairer deal for everyone, not just the few, when you make up your mind.

I will be pleased to continue to support Paula in the final few weeks up to election day and vote for her to be the next full time Labour MP for the Dewsbury constituency and I know that many of you will do the same.

Celia Firmin

Moorlands Avenue North, Dewsbury