LETTERS: We need a candidate to work for us

It is hard to know where to begin to respond to Ednan Hussein (Letters, February 27).

All the Liberal Democrats have achieved since 2010 is to prop up a Conservative administration that is systematically destroying our public services, including selling off our NHS, causinguntold misery through the proliferation of zero hours contracts, and

making sure the rich get richer while the unemployed and the low-paid take the blame for our economic woes.

What we need is a government that will start putting ordinary people first and protect key serviceslike the NHS. I would like to congratulate our Labour councillors in

Kirklees on their recent decision to pay not just the minimum wage but a living wage to all council employees.

It is time working people had

a better deal: we need to ban unfair zero hours contracts which leave people not knowing when they will be working and whether they will be

able to pay their bills.

We need compassion for those who can’t make

ends meet, not the cruelty of the bedroom tax and target driven sanctioning of benefits.

We need a government that will be serious about clamping down on dodgy overseas accounts and tax avoiders. And we need a local candidate who will work full-time for people in the Dewsbury constituency.

’ll be voting for Paula Sherriff, the Labour candidate.

Jenifer Devlin

Northfield Road, Dewsbury