LETTERS: Well done to Streetbikes


I have been cycling with Streetbikes almost every Saturday morning for about a year.

It started as a bit of fun, with some like-minded people to ride with but things have

now moved on a lot from those early days and it has reached a stage where I need my Saturday morning staple diet of Streetbikes more than anything else in the week.

What they have achieved for Dewsbury Moor is incredible. They have given away hundreds of bikes, encouraged scores of people to participate, including singles, families, people with disabilities, even the blind, who often come along and ride on the back of a tandem, now, that is some going.

So when I heard that regular attendees were going to be given medals and jackets and

that we were stopping off at the Greenway Café for a sandwich and a drink, I knew that this was a must attend event.

To me it was the event of the year.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive, all riders that had improved in performance and

been regular attendees were to be rewarded for all their hard work. It was going to be

an achievement to be proud of for young and old, seven year olds and 70 year olds alike.

I myself had worked hard during the last year. I am not a spring chicken anymore, if

we can leave it at that, and had never done too much consistent exercise so I bought my bike a few years ago as a means of keeping fit. Streetbikes has helped move that along quite a lot. They have given me much more drive and motivation and it has got to the stage where I can feel half my age, some of the time. WOW.

Anyway, Saturday arrived and this was the day that Dreams for Dewsbury Moor Cycle Club was to begin, and we all met at Burgh Mill Lane. There were at least 20 to 30 of us, it was wet but not raining and we broke into about 3 groups. A fast group a medium group and a slow group. The event went as planned. We pedalled up to the Motorway past Tescos in Cleckheaton checked our watches turned around and headed for the café at an excitable speed, where it was full of a bustling crowd of excited cyclists from Streetbikes.

I had a cappuccino and sandwich, which was great, everyone was all smiles and we all clapped as the medals were presented.

This was a great event and one that all attendees will surely remember for the rest of their lives.

It is organisations like Streetbikes and events like this that make life worth living.

This has been a great activity for Dewsbury Moor and surrounding areas and long may it continue.

Everywhere needs a Streetbikes and I hope they all find one, so well done Streetbikes both from me and all the other people attending the rides with you, from this area.

Chris Jenkinson

Wroe Street, Dewsbury Moor