Lights, camera... Poland!

REEL DEAL Mr Hardwick and members of the BBG Academy FilmClub. (d513a347)
REEL DEAL Mr Hardwick and members of the BBG Academy FilmClub. (d513a347)

BBG Academy FilmClub is going international after being selected to take part in a film festival in Poland.

The club at the Birkenshaw school is run by English teacher Philip Hardwick.

It has already has achieved SuperClub status since it was set up last year.

Now it is has been chosen from more than 7,000 Filmclubs nationwide, to be the sole UK representative at the Ale Kino! Film Festival in Poznan, Poland.

The International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! is a flagship festival of the Children’s Art Centre in Poland.

Its aim is to enable young cinemagoers to see interesting and varied films, and carry out a large-scale promotion of artistic and intelligent productions aimed at children and teenagers.

BBG FilmClub has been invited, through parent charity FILMCLUB, to present to the festival by the Polish Film Institute, which is keen to develop its own series of nationwide film clubs.

Mr Hardwick has been running FilmClubs in various schools since 2007.

He said this experience has been vital in creating an exciting after-school activity for pupils.

He said: “This is a great opportunity to showcase Filmclub – and BBG Academy – to an international audience and I appreciate the help and assistance of all staff and FilmClub members who have helped make this possible.”

Mr Hardwick set up FilmClub at BBG in October 2012. The free after-school club, which meets every Monday, has already attracted 125 members who have written around 100 reviews.

The pupils have also benefitted from the expert advice and help of Mike Valentine, a renowned cinematographer who visited the school.

One member, Imrah Bostan, won an award for her online review of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, earlier in the year.

Pupils are encouraged to write-on-line reviews at and each week up to 10 pupils receive prizes.

In addition, BBG Filmclub has been shortlisted for the ‘Filmclub of the Year’ and is now one of fewer than 20 Filmclubs being considered for the award.

“Filmclub is an amazing experience,” Mr Hardwick said.

“ Clearly the time and effort put into the club by the BBG FilmClub members is reaping rewards which are now on an international scale!”