Liversedge family in candle fire drama

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A family of four had a dramatic escape after a fire swept through their bathroom after a candle was left alight.

The blaze at the house in Liversedge was started in the early hours of Thursday by a candle that had been left lit by the side of the bath after everyone had gone to bed.

Fire crews from Batley found the couple and their two children, aged 14 and 10, clustered underneath a doorway sheltering from the freezing weather when they arrived at the house in Liversedge Hall Lane at around 1.15am on Thursday.

A spokesman for Batley Fire Service said the family was lucky to have got out unharmed because there were no working smoke alarms in the house.

They were only alerted to the blaze when the candle burnt through a bathroom surface and melted plastic piping, causing water to drip through the ceiling.

Watch Commander Tony Pearson from Batley Fire Station said: “The family has had a lucky escape. We would always advise people that it is very, very important to have working smoke alarms as they save lives.

“The family was lucky in the sense that because the piping was plastic it melted and that caused the water to seep through and alert them.

“Had the pipes been old-fashioned copper ones it could have been a different story and may have even spread to the landing, we don’t know.”

He added that it was vitally important never to leave candles burning in a room when there is nobody there.

“Our advice on candles is to never leave them unattended, or alone near children and if they are being lit lay them on a hard, inflammable surface in a dish so that when the wick burns through it doesn’t cause a fire.”

Fire crews have since installed a smoke detector at the house.”