Liversedge's 'Arkwright' shopkeeper still Open All Hours after nearly 50 years - with no Granville to help!

Paul's shop includes a dodgy till.
Paul's shop includes a dodgy till.

A Liversedge shop owner nicknamed "Arkwright" is still Open All Hours after 47 years and says he can't sell up - because no-one wants to work an 80-HOUR week.

Paul Broadbent, 62, started work at family store FW Lucas aged 17 - after "leaving school Friday teatime and starting work Friday night".

The Arkwright's resemblance is uncanny.

The Arkwright's resemblance is uncanny.

The devoted retailer ran the shop alongside dad Herbert until his death 30 years later - and together the pair were known as Arkwright and Granville.

Paul, who is unmarried and has no children, is open seven days a week and takes just Christmas Day off every year.

His shop is the spitting image of the store in Open All Hours - and he even has a dodgy till.

FW Lucas was opened in 1934 by his grandparents Frank and Winifred Lucas.

Four candles, anyone?

Four candles, anyone?

Local legend Paul who is unmarried with no children lives above the store in Liversedge, puts in a 14-hour day - opening from 9am-9pm.

Paul is keen to take some much-deserved time off and is trying to sell FW Lucas but has not had much interest so far.

He said: "I finished school the Friday teatime and started in the shop on Friday night and I've been here ever since.

"But I'd started from a young boy - once I'd finished with a bit of Lego or an old bike they'd be in the window up for sale.

Paul in his Liversedge shop.

Paul in his Liversedge shop.

"The last holiday I had was when I was 22 with a friend to Silverstone for motor racing.

"It quickly became apparent there wasn't much time for holidays - apart from when I took two weeks off for a back operation when I was 28.

"Really I've been so lucky that I've kept well.

"People ask me why I do it but that's like asking a priest 'why are you a priest?' - it just comes with the job.

"I've had a good life but it's all been after 9pm and at times it's been lonely with no wife and kids.

"I don't even have a computer or a mobile phone - there's no need because I'm down here in the shop 14 hours a day."

FW Lucas started out as an old school greengrocer.

It still sells the items you'd expect to say in an episode of Open All Hours - from fresh-made meat sandwiches and tinned goods and confectionery.

The antiquated shop even has a sweet counter where you can get a half-pound mix.

However the advent of the supermarket local has forced Paul to branch out and - like his TV hero Arkwright - have a go at selling anything and everything.

He said: "Once the likes Sainsburys start arriving on the scene you find out who your friends are.

"I sell a lot of hardware now as the fruit and veg trade is dying.

"I recently had to go and pick someone up a wheelbarrow from the wholesalers.

"People start by saying 'have you got...' and I finish the sentence with "what colour would you like? I see it as bit of a challenge.

"But the strangest thing I've managed to sell was 12 chickens from a guy who keeps an allotment up the road.

"It's in the blood - constantly selling and moving on.

"In the shop window I've got a display cabinet which bought it for £20 and I just can't get rid of.

"I've been putting out the front of the shop every day for two years but I refuse to take it to the tip."

Paul admits he wants to sell - but can't find a buyer.

He added: "What people don't seem to like is the idea of is doing an 80-hour week - people just can't see the benefits.

"The hours you put in are not an hourly rate."

He hasn't listed a price for the property - which is made up of three old terraced houses knocked through into one unit and has a three-bedroom flat upstairs.

He said: "I'll probably be here for another two years trying to sell it.

"It was built in the 1880s and it's sunk a bit so that will have to be reflected in the price.

"You'd never get a mortgage on it so it's very much 'sold as seen'.

Paul resemblance to Open All Hours has not failed to make an impact on his community.

One local youth has even sparked a started spoof Facebook account named "Pauls Shop - Liversedge" with more than 4,500 followers.

However if the bachelor ever does escape FW Lucas he plans to retire to a family bungalow on some property in the village and has promised himself and few holidays.

He said: "I might even involve some ladies."