Local artist features at exhibition

Artist John Lewis with some of his paintings. (d04071118)
Artist John Lewis with some of his paintings. (d04071118)

Dewsbury Arts Group’s Annual Exhibition will bring together 200 pieces by more than 30 local artists alongside a special feature by Ossett-based painter John Lewis.

Designed to showcase the quality and ability of the group’s artists, the exhibition features a wide range of styles from more traditional landscape works to semi-abstract prints.

Highly distinctive local views and delicately painted Italian landscapes will be displayed alongside pastel portraits, subtle lino-prints and photographs during this year’s event.

Featured artist Mr Lewis, who describes his work as ‘taming the chaos’, will also exhibit a collection of 24 pieces of his highly individual work using acrylics and mixed media.

A painter for 30 years, Mr Lewis’ work is inspired by change and the unstable nature of the universe.

Mr Lewis said: “I paint exactly what I am and, as I suspect it is with most of us, that often involves confusion.

“As the work progresses it is remarkable how some of that confusion evaporates and a bit more clarity emerges. The very best art is like that. It makes life make more sense and perhaps leads too to a world that is a little more serene.

“My art may not be there yet, but it has that ambition. However, if you find a piece that just makes you feel good, I will be thoroughly delighted.”

The exhibition, sponsored by UK Greetings and George Brooke Limited, is at Dewsbury Town Hall from Saturday until Saturday July 16. It is open every day except Sunday, 11am-4pm.