Low Moor rail plan rethink?

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PLANS to build a new railway station in Low Moor may hit the buffers over a row on its impact on the Spen Valley.

Metro, Northern Rail and Bradford City Council recently unveiled the plans for the multi-million pound station on the Calderdale line, linking Halifax and Bradford. A site on the west of Cleckheaton Road has been earmarked and would include car parking space.

However, the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce said plans should be revised to include a line through the Spen Valley – which has been unused since the 1960s. Parts of the old track now form the Spen Valley Greenway.

The chamber also said that the location should be looked at,`after identifying another site on the eastern side of the road. The chamber want to challenge a newly imposed conservation order placed on the eastern site, with a view to it being overturned.

Steven Leigh, head of policy at the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “This present proposal will block or at least severely impede any possible connection at the location with the former rail route south through Spen Valley and thus close down options for future rail developments which could otherwise allow for the re-opening of the Spen Valley Line.

“Given that road usage is predicted to increase by 43 per cent by 2035, the failure of the present proposal to reasonably facilitate future rail transport options is hardly an enlightened course of action.”

The objections were submitted during last month’s consultation into the plans, which would see work on the new railway station start next year.