Medic shares his views on NHS changes

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The local 38degrees group Dewsbury and Surrounding Areas welcomed Dr David Wrigley as its guest speaker last Thursday.

Dr Wrigley is a GP and elected council member of the British Medical Association (BMA) and co-author of NHS SOS and NHS For Sale.

He came from a busy day in the surgery to give a talk about the changes brought about by the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and the direction of travel for the NHS into the future, from his point of view.

With his gentle, quietly spoken manner, he gave an overview of NHS history since John Major’s big Private Finance Initiative idea.

He also gave some insights into the attitudes of the BMA on legislation brought in by the coalition Government.

Dr Wrigley, who works in Lancashire, said the campaign the BMA has launched recently – No More Games with the NHS – was fiercely opposed to the political auction of the NHS by each party of whatever colour before the election and to the fragmentation of services and slowness to develop specialist.

He highlighted the effect of the increasing number of private providers delivering services in the NHS, his fears about the introduction of an insurance-based system like that in the US, and myths that are perpetuated about the NHS.

The audience felt it was a very worthwhile meeting.