Met Office issue warning for storms this weekend

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The sunny weather may well be coming to an end, as weather warnings for storms this weekend have been issued.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Yorkshire and Humber, with rain and thunderstorms forecast for the majority of the weekend.

The Chief-Forecaster suggests that areas of thunderstorm and heavy rain will develop over France, before moving north during the course of Saturday afternoon and evening.

Despite temperatures still expecting to reach 22°C, the region is due to be hit with heavy rain on Saturday evening, continuing through with light showers until Sunday afternoon. The Met Office has advised the public to be aware of the risk of localised disruption to travel, due to surface water flooding and lightning strikes.

July 2013 has been the longest spell of hot weather to affect the whole of the UK since July 2006. Temperatures exceeded 28°C somewhere in the UK for 19 consecutive days, but temperatures in the Dewsbury area will struggle to reach 20°C over the next week.