Metal theft floods club

BOILING water was left gushing out of a cricket club’s supply after thieves stole copper piping.

The thieves took a small amount of pipe from Hartshead Moor Cricket Club, but it meant the club’s water supply was interrupted, leaving water streaming out all night after the theft last Thursday night.

The thieves also stole a grass roller which was worth about £600.

Chairman David Baldwin said: “My father Dennis, who is the groundsman, came to the club and noticed water coming out round the back.

“A couple of feet of copper pipe were missing and there was quite a bit of flooding. Then he noticed the roller which was left out on the field was gone.

“It weighs about a tonne and it would take half a dozen men to move it so it must have been organised – they would have needed a ramp to get it into a van. It will cost about £600 to replace.”

Mr Baldwin said luckily some club committee members were plumbers, and they were able to replace the missing pipe with plastic fittings.

He said: “We had no hot or cold water over the weekend, which meant the toilets weren’t working too. If we’d had a function booked we would have had to cancel it.

“We just rolled our sleeves up and got hold of members to come and repair it

“It’s hard enough running a club without thinking whether you’ve got any metal you need to be replacing to stop thieves. They have not thought about what damage they are doing and who’s going to pick up the tab. You just wonder what will be next.”

Mr Baldwin said something needed to be done to stop metal thefts.

He said: “It’s getting beyond a joke. It’s time the powers that be had a look at this.

“It’s costing too much.”