Mirfield pub faces licence review after noise complaints

Airedale Heifer pub. (d612a452)
Airedale Heifer pub. (d612a452)

A Mirfield pub faces a licence review due to ongoing noise problems.

Kirklees Council’s Environmental Health service is requesting that the Airedale Heifer’s licence is reviewed after a series of complaints dating back to summer 2013.

A report to Kirklees Council’s Licensing Panel states that night time noise officers visited the pub in Stocks Bank Lane in July 2013 when loud music was being played at 11pm. The following month, songs could be identified in the bedroom of a nearby property.

Conditions of the licence means music must not be audible in the nearest noise sensitive properties.

The papers note that letters and advice to the licensee, as well as threats of court action, have not stopped the complaints.

An abatement notice was served in August 2013 which required noise from amplified sound be reduced but further noise was witnessed in September 2013, and the owner Punch Taverns was contacted. Numerous complaints have been made since then including one on September this year, finally prompting the licence review.

Options open to councillors on Tuesday include excluding a licensable activity, such as the playing of live music, from the scope of the licence; removing the designated premises supervisor; or revoking the licence altogether.

On social media, pub manager Robyn Pogson said the complaints were coming from just one house, 61 Stocks Bank Lane, which is joined to the pub.

She said the pub had spent £9,000 on soundproofing the wall to reduce the impact on the neighbour.

Ms Pogson added: “Can I also point out that since we have had the soundproofing installed, that in the complainant’s home no vocals can be heard, lyrics can not be made out, but a sound of bass can be audible when we have singers, performers etc. This is almost impossible to combat – the structures are attached to each other!”

She said the noise inside the pub never reached above 70 decibels.

A letter from the complainant said the impact of the noise on their lives had been “devastating” and claims other people nearby are “sick of the noise”.

A spokesman for Punch Taverns said: “We as Punch Taverns have been in ongoing dialogue with the local environmental health department regarding their concerns at the Airedale Heifer. We will continue that dialogue following the review and implement any actions and plans deemed appropriate.”