Mobile dental team sees 38 more patients in Dewsbury

Dentaid mobile dental unit has treated patients at Dewsbury again early in 2018 following a well-attended session last autumn

A mobile dental unit has given treatment to people suffering pain when it returned to the town in January.

Dentaid’s team of volunteer dentists and dental nurses saw 38 patients between 10am and 4pm, to add to the several hundred seen last autumn.

Dentaid mobile dental unit at Dewsbury Town Hall

Parked outside Dewsbury town hall on a Saturday they offered free dental care for people in pain who were finding it difficult to access NHS dental treatment.

The clinic ran from 10am – 4pm and 20 people were waiting for treatment before it opened.

The dental team triaged, screened and gave local anesthetic to the patients in the town hall before they went outside to the mobile dental unit for treatment. Of the 38 patients seen, 17 of them had teeth extracted, all being in acute pain with toothache.

Dentaid has been supported by Kirklees Council which provided £7,060 funding for the project. Dentaid have now run 14 mobile dental clinics at schools, community centres and the town hall and have seen 356 people since last September.

The charity has also provided oral health education sessions in local schools as part of its BrightBites programme. This session was followed up with an opportunity for families who are members of a Downs Syndrome support group will be able to attend a presentation about oral health and toothbrushing and explore the mobile dental unit in a relaxed setting.

Dentaid CEO Andy Evans said: “We are so pleased we have been able to provide free emergency dental care and oral health advice for so many people in Dewsbury and thank you to our incredible team of volunteers who have helped get so many people out of pain.”

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