MORE VIDEO: Water gushes metres into the air after burst waterworks in Cleckheaton

Busted waterworks in Cleckheaton burst a large hole in a road and sprayed gallons of water in the early hours of this morning.

Residents heard a loud bang and witnessed debris flying several metres.

The burst water main in Cleckheaton this morning.

The burst water main in Cleckheaton this morning.

The water is now under control, but electricity in the area has been switched off and the road is understood to have been closed.

Residences are understood to be flooded towards the bottom of the street.

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A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said:

“We are currently on site attending a burst main in Sycamore Drive. Currently, there have been no reports of customers with a loss of water supply.

"Due to the work that needs to be carried out to repair the main, our contract partner Morrison Utility Services will need to put a temporary road closure in place.

"We will provide more details when we have more information on a timescale for the road closure and repair works. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Video credit: Nicola Holmes