Most Haunted coming to town

GHOST HUNT Jenny Bryant of GCUK Paranormal Events at Oakwell Hall.
GHOST HUNT Jenny Bryant of GCUK Paranormal Events at Oakwell Hall.

Spooky surprises could be in store at two of the district’s historic homes when crew from TV’s Most Haunted come to unearth paranormal spirits.

Presenter Yvette Fielding and her gang will head to both Birstall’s Oakwell Hall and Gomersal’s Red House on Saturday January 17 to try and contact any ghosts which may haunt the landmarks.

The event was organised by Jenny Bryant, 39, manager of Yorkshire-based paranormal events company GCUK.

She said: “We do a lot of events with Most Haunted now and we have a really good time.

“I think that being scared is one of the main appeals. People have gone away absolutely with a total mind change.”

Jenny said that some of the more memorable experiences includes participants seeing just a pair of legs run across a field, a mysterious shadow at her last Oakwell ghost hunt, and bizarre sounds during one session.

“It was in a derelict building, and we were hearing about the history. I was sat down, we were calling out, and something growled in my ear!”

“I’ve only ever seen two ghosts, but I would say they are solid. Just like a solid person.

“In some places nothing happens, but what we do guarantee is a good night.

“We are going to these wonderful places and we are seeing them in a totally different light to when there’s a hustle and bustle.”

Jenny is not certain yet whether the event will be televised, but has put Oakwell and Red House’s names forward.

The popular show has aired since 2002, when celebrity medium Derek Acorah led the hunt alongside Yvette Fielding, who is now the show’s main personality.

Now aired by the Really channel, Yvette, Karl Beattie and others use detectors and Ouija boards to try and call out to spirits in supposedly haunted locations, and film largely in night vision.

Thrill-seekers can attend the event for £65, but there are only 10-15 places left. The hunt starts at Oakwell Hall at 6pm, moving to Red House at 10.30pm-1am. 
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