MP joins fight over delivery office cut

Campaigners outside Heckmondwike delivery office. (d21051202)
Campaigners outside Heckmondwike delivery office. (d21051202)

THE fight to save a post delivery office has won support from Spen MP Mike Wood.

Mr Wood has joined the campaign to save Heckmondwike delivery office, which Royal Mail has said will close before August 31 with work moving to Batley’s delivery office in Grange Road.

The Labour MP said he was calling on Royal Mail to rethink its plans.

He said: “It’s unfortunate that Royal Mail feels it can close and relocate a key public service without gauging the views of those who would be most affected.

“Even if the closure of the office in Heckmondwike is an option, and I am yet to hear a compelling argument for this, there must be other, more palatable alternatives available to Royal Mail.

“I hope they will consult local people, staff and businesses properly and commit to exploring other options.”

Mr Wood said he had been working with representatives from the Communication Workers Union and Royal Mail staff since March and had made representations to Royal Mail.

Campaigners have set up a Facebook group, and a petition signing event has been arranged for Saturday June 2 from 10am to 12.30pm in Heckmondwike town centre.

Members urged others to support the fight, saying: “Most staff have worked at Heckmondwike delivery office for many years and live in the local community. This move will affect their work-life balance.

“It will possibly disrupt services and for collection of parcels it means a lengthy journey to Grange Road which currently has no bus service.

“Heckmondwike has lost many services from the centre and we feel this will be a further blow to the community.

“We are looking to you for your support in our fight against the closure.”