Mr Gay UK PC denies rape and assault

Date:22nd June 2010.'PC Mark Carter, and former Mr Gay UK, who appeared at Leeds Magistrates Court on rape charges..
Date:22nd June 2010.'PC Mark Carter, and former Mr Gay UK, who appeared at Leeds Magistrates Court on rape charges..

A POLICE officer and former Mr Gay UK winner has denied claims he sexually assaulted three men and raped a fourth man during a Christmas night out.

PC Mark Carter, 28, of Station Lane, Birkenshaw, is alleged to have dragged one man by the hair, punched him, bitten his shoulder and raped him in a hotel room. The man fled the hotel via the fire escape and alerted a passer-by.

PC Carter is also said to have groped three other men during the night out on December 28, 2009.

Prosecutor Sarah Wright told Leeds Crown Court that PC Carter had been with colleagues from the West Yorkshire Police when he allegedly groped a waiter and a barman at a Leeds restaurant.

One of the waiters, who alleges that the officer groped him in the restaurant, told the court that he knew PC Carter from a ‘casual fling’ three years before.

The waiter, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “I recognised Mark Carter, I knew him from when I was a student in Leeds, when we had a casual fling.

“As I walked past the table he held his hand out, parallel to my crotch area. I put my hands across my front to block myself.

“Then he groped my bottom as well. He made contact with me, I was surprised. I was pretty embarrassed, I told my managers. I then had a word with him and told him not to do that while I was at work.”

PC Carter is alleged to have responded that the pair were going to have sex later.

After leaving the restaurant, PC Carter moved on to Bar Fibre where he allegedly propositioned a barman and touched him in a sexual way. Another man, who was in the nightclub, said he passed PC Carter on the stairs.

He said: “We passed and he span me around and put his hand on my crotch. He propositioned me to go to the toilets but I just pushed his hand away and said ‘no’.”

Finally, PC Carter entered the Loft Bar where he met the alleged rape victim.

Miss Wright said CCTV images would show the pair cuddling and leaving the bar walking hand-in-hand.

She said: “They left the bar together and went to a room at the Etap Hotel, where the defendant had booked a room. The complainant says he assisted the defendant because he had cramp and difficulty walking.

“Once at the defendant’s room, the complainant was to tell police that the defendant opened the door and dragged him into the room by his hair.”

In interview PC Carter said the incident in the restaurant was “done in jest” and denied the allegations made by the two other men. He claimed all the activity in the hotel with the fourth man was “consensual”.

In 2006 he won the title of Mr Gay UK, and became a spokesman for gay rights causes and anti-homophobic crime.

He is currently suspended from his job in Huddersfield pending the outcome of the trial, which is expected to continue until next week.