Mum’s arson attack terror

The aftermath of the fire.
The aftermath of the fire.

A mother is terrified she is being watched after her car was set alight during the night and the flames almost spread to her gas meter.

Tracey King only had her Vauxhall Astra for 10 weeks when it was set on fire in a week of arson attacks that terrorised the Firthcliffe Estate in Liversedge.

She said: “I’m petrified – I’m always on edge and I keep thinking someone is on the greenway watching.

“We feel like we’re in danger and that the police should be here every night patrolling.”

The flames from the burning car spread to her bin and burned her kitchen door, just next to her gas meter, on Sunday April 19.

“Any closer and it would have all gone ‘boom’,” she said.

“I heard a lot of banging, looked outside and everything was orange. My son shouted to ‘get out of the house’.

“The fire got to the kitchen door and I think the bin was the only thing that stopped it reaching the gas meter.”

It has been a difficult year for Ms King, 38, who had to deal with the death of her brother in February and the news that her aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She said: “If I wasn’t keeping myself in such high spirits I think I would have a nervous breakdown.

“We’re only four months in to the year so I don’t know how the rest of it will be.”

But she has not been without help since her friends at the Dewsbury Mormon Chapel, in Halifax Road, clubbed together as soon as they heard.

She said: “They had a collection and raised more than £100. The bishop called me as well to make sure that I had insurance. They have been really, really supportive.”

-April 14, Renault Megane set alight in Firthcliffe Road.

-April 17, Suzuki Swift set alight in Stanley Lane.

-April 19, Vauxhall Astra set alight in Firthcliffe Lane.

-April 21 Vauxhall Astra set alight in Firthcliffe Drive.

A police spokeswoman said: “Given the similarities and close proximity of these incidents we are linking them and are working with the fire service in investigating these offences.”

Det Insp Mark Walker, of Kirklees CID, said police were conducting forensic enquiries and asked anyone with information to contact him on 101.