Mum’s guardian angel

GUARDIAN ANGEL: Vera Day, centre, with Sarah Elstone and Ian Wilson.
GUARDIAN ANGEL: Vera Day, centre, with Sarah Elstone and Ian Wilson.

A POSTWOMAN making a special delivery for her neighbour has been hailed a ‘guardian angel’ after rescuing her after a fall.

Sarah Elstone, who works for Royal Mail, spotted a parcel in the sorting office addressed to 91-year-old Vera Day, and put it to one side so she could deliver it personally on her way home.

But when she and colleague Ian Wilson arrived, they could hear moans from inside and looked through the window to see Vera lying on the floor with a badly broken arm.

She had fallen from her chair and had been lying on the floor in the freezing cold for more than an hour.

The pair managed to get in through a window, called the emergency services and waited with Vera until they arrived.

Sarah also telephoned Vera’s son, Ian, at his home in Belfast to let him know what happened.

The parcel had been sent by Ian, who has praised the pair for their quick thinking.

He said: “After mum fell she tried to crawl to the phone but it was a bit too far away and she didn’t have the strength.

“It was fate that I sent the package and Sarah delivered it. I would like to say a massive thank you from me and my sons, Sam and Jack.

“I am full of praise for Sarah and her colleague Ian. They are guardian angels.

“Mum is grand now – she’s the hot gossip at the moment!”

Vera spent a week in Pinderfields hospital and went back home last Thursday to spend Christmas with her family.

Sarah said: “Vera was freezing cold.

“Nobody would have known she was there if it wasn’t for that parcel.

“Vera has a neighbour who checks on her every day – but he had gone away. It’s fate – if we hadn’t gone to her house with the parcel she wouldn’t be with us today.

“After I phoned the ambulance I phoned Ian. I asked him if he sent the parcel and he said yes. I said, ‘it’s just saved your mum’s life!’”