Mum’s head shave for baby’s eye condition

CHARITY SHAVE Kaylie Roberts and her daughter Isla Mai. (d613b346)
CHARITY SHAVE Kaylie Roberts and her daughter Isla Mai. (d613b346)

A mum is shaving her head to raise cash for research into her daughter’s little-known eye condition.

Kaylie Roberts is to shave off her long brown hair tomorrow to raise money for Nystagmus Network, a charity which provides support and research into nystagmus, a condition which causes the eyes to move constantly.

Her one-year-old daughter Isla Mai was born with the condition, and also has ocular albinism, which affects vision.

Kaylie, of Kilpin Court, Heckmondwike, said: “Isla Mai’s eyes constantly wiggle and she can’t focus properly.

“As soon as she was born I knew there was something wrong but the health visitor said she was fine.

“We took her to the doctor when she was three months old and they referred her to the hospital straightaway.

“The doctor said it is hereditary and he checked me and my partner Josh, and he said she got it from me.”

Kaylie said she felt guilty and blamed herself for Isla Mai’s condition – so decided to raise money by shaving her head.

She said: “I am scared about it but I couldn’t talk about the condition before – I burst out crying.

“Now I feel like I’m doing something to help, so I don’t feel guilty any more.

“Nystagmus is incurable so when you’ve got it, it’s for life. Most people don’t know about it – when I take Isla Mai out people say I should take her to the doctor because there’s something wrong with her eyes, and when I tell them what it is they say they’ve never heard of it.

“The doctors said it will affect her more as she gets older.

“At the moment she is doing okay, but she does struggle if she’s tired or ill.”

Kaylie has raised £350 with sponsorship and selling nystagmus wristbands.

To sponsor her, visit

The shave will take place at Batley WMC from noon and there will also be raffles, bingo, disco and bouncy castle.