Mum urges public to back guide dog week

Sam Heaton and Tango
Sam Heaton and Tango

A Dewsbury mum who relies on an assistance dog to live a busy life has called for the public to support Guide Dogs Week.

Sam Heaton, who has two small children, suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, which affects her side and central vision, making it difficult for her to see in dim light and the dark and to read and watch TV.

Help came in the form of black labrador Tango after they were paired up by national charity Guide Dogs, who celebrate their anniversary this week.

Another person loses their sight every hour in the UK, and the charity works to ensure they retain some freedom.

”RP destroys sight gradually over a period of years, and I am so glad to have my guide dog Tango, especially as the evenings get darker. She allows me to get around and to do things that sighted people take for granted,” said Sam.

Guide Dogs are now calling for more volunteers to help out by joining the organisation’s Dewsbury fundraising branch.

If you would like to help people like Sam by lending a hand or fundraising go to, or for the contact details of the local team call 0845 3727353.