Music keeps Vic on the bright side of life

Songwriter Vic Holdroyd
Songwriter Vic Holdroyd

BATTLES with ill-health have been a constant feature of Vic Holdroyd’s adult life – but it is his love of music that has helped him look on the bright side.

Vic, now 65, has serious heart problems and survived major surgery for cancer in 2007.

His hobby of songwriting, which began when he was a young man, has become more and more important to him as his health has worsened.

Recently his talent for song writing has been recognised more widely with his songs being picked up by recording artists and an album of his songs winning a nomination in the British Country Music Awards.

“Though I didn’t win I was immensely pleased and surprised to get a nomination,” said Vic, who lives with his partner, Brenda, in Moorside, Cleckheaton.

Vic was a fit and healthy young man and played football for many local teams

“In the late 1970s, when the craze for jogging started, I decided I’d have a go. After playing so much football, I thought it would be easy but I started getting terrible pains in my chest. Eventually ischaemic heart disease was diagnosed. Since then I’ve had three heart attacks and two triple by-pass operations.”

Four years ago Vic was diagnosed with bladder cancer and underwent chemotherapy, which caused permanent kidney damage, and a major operation.

While recovering he learned that a charity CD he had made to raise money for Overgate Hospice was going down a storm with radio audiences.

“This really cheered me up and gave me the impetus to start writing again,” he said.

As a teenager in Wyke, Vic was lead singer in a band called the Triffids and he also played at jam nights at local pubs.

“Like everyone of my generation I was totally inspired by the Beatles. But lately I’ve become interested in country music and have been experimenting in that style.”

British country singer Darren Busby cut a five-track CD of Vic’s songs and it was that album, together with Vic’s own project album, Country Songs for Today, which won the nomination in the ‘album of the year’ section at the BCMA awards.

In addition Vic recently learned that one of his songs, That’s the Way, has been recorded for the Christmas market by Irish singing sensation Gerald Ahern, who is managed by Safe Management, the company behind the Spice Girls and the boy band Five.

“He is an amazing young singer and I’m thrilled that he has recorded one of my songs,” he said.

“When you suffer from ill-health it’s easy to let it take over your life but music and song writing give me a great deal of pleasure and help me stay positive,” said the father-of-four.

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