Mystery of flower tower

Derrick Yates with the planter on Oxford Road. (d30061107)
Derrick Yates with the planter on Oxford Road. (d30061107)

GOMERSAL people were left flummoxed when a large planter full of flowers appeared to have been stolen right off the pavement.

The planter, worth £1,500, was delivered by Kirklees Council and was placed outside Doyle’s Fisheries in Oxford Road.

A matching planter was placed outside Hill Top Leisure and Fitness Centre across the road.

But within days, the planter outside the fish and chip shop had disappeared.

Former Cleckheaton ward councillor Derrick Yates was outraged, saying the area committee had worked for years to get the money to pay for them.

He said the 7ft tall planter, which is 4ft square and about 3ft deep, was taken on Friday June 24 - and was so heavy that a forklift truck would be needed to move it - or a team of four strong men.

He said: “They had only been up a week and were financed through the Area Committee. We worked very hard for a long, long time to get these planters installed and some person has gone and stolen one. They are worth £1,500 each. I think it’s disgraceful.”

But yesterday it emerged Kirklees Council had moved the planter.

A spokesman said: “We are looking into the situation, but this particular site is going to have a feature in place for the community.”

But the council could not confirm where the planter had been moved to.

Mr Yates said: “I object very strongly to council officers doing things without consulting elected members. None of the current ward councillors are aware of anything – they thought it had been stolen.

“People are asking what happened to it and I have told them what I believed to have happened, that it had been stolen, It’s natural to think that.

“These things were there to make the crossroads look nice.

“If it’s there, that’s where we want it.”