Neighbour ‘saved man’s life’

A MAN said he could have died when his neighbour’s kitchen was gutted by fire.

Anthony Clegg said another neighbour woke him up during the blaze – and he realised his bedroom was full of smoke.

Mr Clegg, of Milton Street. Heckmondwike, said there was a fire at the house next door at 6.40pm last Thursday. Fire crews came to put out the fire at the house, which was empty, and the homes were evacuated for a few hours. But later that night he awoke to hear his neighbour, who did not want to be named, banging on his door after she was alerted by a smoke alarm in her own house.

He said: “When I woke up my bedroom was full of smoke. She basically saved my life.”

A fire spokesman said crews had to break in the house as nobody was there. They had put out the fire, but it re-ignited and crews were called back out.

The cause was under investigation, he added.