New devices clock speeding drivers

NEARLY 400,000 cars drove through Birkenshaw in three months, new traffic figures reveal.

The results from a Speed Indicator Device (SID) show the majority of drivers travelled under the speed limit from February 22 to May 17, but 27,744 people did more than 30mph along Bradford Road.

Two vehicles were clocked doing nearly 70mph through the village.

The presence of the SID coincided with roadworks, so the typical speed of traffic may have been affected.

But the results still show an average of 3,365 cars drive through Birkenshaw each day.

Two SIDs, which flash green if drivers pass at the speed limit or under and red if the driver is speeding, were bought by the Birstall and Birkenshaw councillors using funds delegated through the area committee.

Ward councillor Andrew Palfreeman (Con) said the figures were frightening.

“The SID was positioned at the entry to the village. When vehicles passed it they came over the brow of a hill and round a corner, passing through the village where cars are usually parked on both side of the road.

“At the best of times it is a hazard for pedestrians, but to see that so many exceed the speed limit and some go as fast as 70mph shows that enforcement is essential.

“As the figures were affected by the road works the SID will return very soon and I fear that the figures will be even worse.”

The ward’s other SID was placed in Bradford Road at Birstall Smithies.

Its results show a staggering 76,818 drivers did more than 30mph, with seven cars reaching speeds of more than 80mph.

A total of 223, 595 passed the device between February 22 and June 18.

Coun Palfreeman added: “Using these figures the police can then target their enforcement and hopefully they will catch as many speeders as possible – people who ignore residential areas and the safety of those who live there.”

The SIDs are now placed in Hunsworth Lane, East Bierley, and Leeds Road in Howden Clough.