New moon rising. . .

nightshift by Barry Midgley
nightshift by Barry Midgley

Thirteen Moons, a new exhibition of sculptural artwork, will go on display at Batley Art Gallery this weekend until the New Year.

The exhibition features interpretations of the 13 lunar cycles by 12 Yorkshire-based artists. Each artist will present their own take on the theme using a wide range of techniques for their sculptures, wall based drawings, paintings and prints.

Yorkshire Sculptors Group secretary Barry Midgley said: “The exhibition title refers to the Cherokee way of depicting the year through the passing of the moons and their connection with the food and planting cycle: Bone Moon, Corn in Tassel Moon, End of Fruit Moon, for example.

“This way of seeing the year has a sense of clarity which ours, based on long dead Roman Emperors and the like seems to lack. The intention was for the group to produce work relating to the 13 phases of the year in their chosen media but relating to our own culture and concerns. Some members have produced work which relates to a more urban or political yearly cycle – things which have significance to our culture and the here and now.”

The group will be holding an open event at the gallery on Saturday (November 26) from 1pm until 3pm, when visitors will be able to meet the artists and talk to them about their work.

For more information visit or call Barry Midgley on 01706 818075.