New plaques to mark Spen Valley’s Luddite uprisings

Chiara Rathmell at the unveiling of the Luddite sculpture in 2012.
Chiara Rathmell at the unveiling of the Luddite sculpture in 2012.

Plaques commemorating the Luddite uprisings two centuries ago are to be placed at key locations in the Spen Valley.

Three will be installed by Spen Valley Civic Society as the final part of its Luddite project.

The Society has secured £2,390 for the scheme which will fund the plaques/information boards at Rawfolds, Roberttown and Hartshead.

At their meeting last Thursday chairman Max Rathmell told members: “One will draw attention to the location of Cartwrights Mill at Rawfolds – the scene of the ill-fated attack by the Luddites in 1812.

“The second will be at the Star Inn, Roberttown, where the two mortally wounded Luddites who were involved in the attack at Cartwrights passed away.

“And finally the third will mark the location of an attack by Luddites on two guards carrying cropping machines across Hartshead Common. That will be at the junction of Windy Bank Lane and Hare Park Lane, subject to the permission of the highways authority, and we think this will be most widely read one.”

The plaques/information boards should be complete by December.

Two years ago the Civic Society unveiled a Luddites sculpture in the new sparrow park it had created at the top of Knowler Hill. Last year an interpretive board was created for the park by pupils of High Bank School showing what life was like 200 years ago.